Scoops, Grubbers & Trowels

Thank goodness it’s that time of year again! The Barn will be opening up for the season in the few days and we are really looking forward to unpacking all those boxes of new product  that will be arriving over the next couple of months. To start us off we have just received some excellent little garden helpers:     #1 The Soil Scoop The ultimate in versatility! Unlike the average trowel, the Soil Scoop acts as a natural extension of your hand because you dig towards yourself with the point down.  This motion reduces bending stress on your wrist when gardening.  Whether you plant, cut or dig, the Soil Scoop is sure to become your favorite ‘do it all’ tool. Mine doesn’t leave my side all season long. #2 The Monster Scoop is a specialty soil scoop perfect for carving pumpkins. This one-of-a-kind tool makes cleaning a pumpkin for carving ‘frighteningly’ easy! Scrape the inside of your Jack-o-Lantern bare with the serrated teeth, then scoop out the gooey inside with minimal effort. The shorter, non-slip handle is very kid friendly.                    #3 Grubbers Tough gloves for really dirty jobs! Extremely durable yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. Nitrile coating & reinforced fingertips. Available in 3 sizes. Lastly #4 The Tiger Trowel This is the only tool you’ll need for planting bulbs and removing weeds! Like it’s namesake, the Tiger Trowel uses the  combination of power, strength and agility to create a tool for nearly every gardening task imaginable. Dig with it, plant with it, cut with it, pry with it – there are a few earth working jobs you won’t find the trowel useful for. Rubberized handle for a sure grip; rust free 16 gauge stainless serrated steel blade; planting depths marked in inches; forked tip is excellent for removing dandelions and other weeds.

Find all at the Walpole Barn! Opening soon for the new season – check our Facebook page for updates regarding our opening dates.

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