How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Yes, it’s a well kept secret  – your electric drip coffee machine will never be able to provide you with a ‘really’ good cup of coffee.  The reason? The water is not hot enough and the coffee does not have time to ‘brew.’  Want to know how to make the perfect cup?  The solution is both simple and ‘clever.’

  • Set your Clever Coffee Dripper onto your counter.
  • Place a #4 paper filter into the dripper and add  fresh ground coffee. Pour just-off-the-boil water slowly onto the grounds.
  • Cover and allow to brew for 3 minutes.
  • Place Clever Coffee Dripper on top of a mug until full.
  • Simply lift the dripper off the mug and the shut-off will stop the flow instantly!

Visit The Walpole Barn and see for yourself.  The Clever Coffee Dripper is priced at $13.90


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