Open Sugarhouse

Today is statewide Maine Maple Sunday and one of the best producers in the state happens to be the closest to us.  Two miles down the road Adam Rice and his wife Susan host what has for the last eight years become one of the great family days on the calendar. This year there were traditional horse and wagon rides, alpacas, goats, chickens and an army of Labrador dogs waiting to greet you.  Adam taps about 300 Maple trees yielding 500 gallons of sap which he collects by hand. The sugar house with its wonderful aromas pours out steam and provides a friendly center to the Homestead. Free food and lots of it along with free barrel made ice cream waits for you to pour on the syrup. Richard Verney from Alna with his lovingly restored ancient log splitter produced  perfect kindeling which he tied off and was happy to give away. The cars were parked all the way down Split Rock Rd as well as up  the north side of 129. You need to get there early….Adam sells out fast…. Are we going to see you there next year? Rice Farms is located on 36 Split Rock Road in Walpole, Maine. For more information about Rice Farms Maple Syrup call #207-563-6023.











making sugar

wagon ride

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